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! Attention Writers !

Niccademis Enterprises wants your nightmares. Any short stories involving a nightmare or based on a nightmare is wanted. Here is your chance to strut your stuff folks. Dig deep into the recesses of your mind, the deepest darkest scarriest recesses. People love a good scare, and that is what we want to give them. Accepted submissions will be included in an upcoming anthology of short stories by writers like yourself. It doesn't matter if you are an experienced published writer or just an aspiring writer. This is an open opportunity to show the world what you can do.

There are no content restrictions for this project, the only real requirement being that it has to be your own work, and original. The more unique and creative you can be, the better. You are more than welcome to enter your story under the "Anonymous" rating. However, publishers may want to contact you if your story interests them. It is my recommendation that you have your name included. If a publisher is interested in contacting you, they will have an opportunity to contact Niccademis Enterprises, and the query will be forwarded to you immediately.

So break out the pens and keyboards and get to work. There are of course a few guidelines that I require, as aren't there rules everywhere????

Go ahead to the next section to see them and then send in your submission.

~~~ Guidelines for Submissions ~~~

Here are a few guidelines that I require.

Only original work will be accepted.

Include a long self addressed stamped envelope with your submission. You will receive a reply within two to four weeks. If your submission is accepted, along with that reply there will be a release of one time rights to Niccademis Enterprises.

Please keep your length of submission between three to five pages.

If you wish to remain anonymous, please send a brief note saying so. You must give me your real name and address however, and confidentiality is assured. Please put your name on the upper right hand corner of each page, and make sure your pages are numbered. If you send me your work with no name and return address it will be discarded.

Type written and computer printed submissions only please. Handwritten submissions just can not be accepted.

All submissions will receive a reply within two to four weeks. You may E-mail me at if you want to verify that I received your submission. You may request by E-mail to know if your story has been accepted, two weeks after you send it. You will still receive confirmation either way in the mail as well.

Accepting submissions starting September 1, 1997

There is no closing date as of yet.

~~~ Mailing Information ~~~

Please mail your submission to:

P.O. BOX 712203

Remember to include a self addressed stamped envelope. Thank you!

~~~ Nicca Presents A Nightmare ~~~


As you know, there will be a nightmare presented on here from the open submissions by the public. That is, I will post a nightmare every two weeks. But I will also post one short story a month from the WRITERS who submit a short story. So stay tuned to Nicca's Home Pages for lots to come! The nightmares will not be posted on the Calling All Nightmares Pages. They will be on a page all their own. Don't worry, you will be able to link onto it off of any of Nicca's homepages. See you soon...!

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