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Proclamation Of Lady Niccademis

The words of my mind, the dreams of my heart, the ever-afters of my soul, let you be warned. So that you never are weary of my intentions, let you be informed.

I will stand tall and laugh at the corpses of my enemies. I will never fold in their scrutiny, or let them drag me down into their webs of vicious deceit. And I will annhilate those who try to oppose me.

Gone are the days of their wicked ways; their tries to deny me the rights my fathers before me have given. Never shall they see my weaknesses and only to myself and those I choose to love will my loyalty lie.

And in the path I leave open for those who will follow me, there will always be the reminder of my existence. In the wake of the protection of my strength, they shall find my heart dancing.

To those who will belittle me, try to take what has been, will be, or shall be rightfully mine; pray. Pray that we do not meet again.

-Lady Niccademis

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This is one of the pages in the trilogy of books that I am writing. Lady Niccademis is a strong character with whom I identify very well. If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me by clicking on the Scroll. Thank you for visiting The Proclamation Of Lady Niccademis.

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