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Niccademis From The Beginning

So you are curious about my name?

Well come on in and sit a spell. Now...

What if I told you that my name came from a dream? Would you believe it? A dream that was so intense and so mysterious that it would change your life forever?

My dream did exactly that. I was very young, and had never had any interest in shall we say the "darker side of life". So after this dream I began to open my mind to many new fascinations. One being that of medieval fantasy. Niccademis is the name of the man in my dream. I am actually Lady Niccademis, however, most of the chat lines won't permit so many letters in the handle. So I took only my counter part's name: Niccademis. I go by Nicca for short.

My dream found me in a hallway....long, forever long, and made of grainy cement. Lit by torches all along the walls, I was able to see quite well. There must have been twenty doors on either side of the hallway, but I only walked on past them. My goal was apparently to reach the end of the hall. As I travelled on, I began to hear this voice...a group of voices echoing together in a chant like way. I could not understand what they were saying. The closer to the "end" of this hallway I got, the clearer the message became. It was a name. I wasn't afraid. Surprisingly I was intrigued, although the hair on the nape of my neck was somewhat rigid:) I slowly peeked around the corner of this large entrance way, to see a throne centered in the room, I being at a sideways angle behind it. I could not see the man sitting on the throne, but I could make out his form. Strong prominent features, he seemed to belong in that seat. He was relaxed, his hand was resting on the arm of the throne, his fingers slowly scratching the head of a dog. The dog was a wrottweiler, a massive black animal with a powerful build. At seeing the dog, I felt a moment of apprehension in my spying, but I was so entranced that I could not, did not want to move! The chant was roaring in my ears. The dog turned its head and looked directly at me, his coal black and tan eyes piercing straight into my soul. Around his neck was a golden band collar with black imprinted letters. They spelled the same name I heard chanting thunderously in my head...NICCADEMIS. Just as the dog was turning to come toward me, and the man on the throne turning to look at me...I woke up. I was soaked in sweat and vastly disappointed. I had never seen the man's face. But in those moments of trying to grip what was real and what was still dream, I could hear his name echoing in my ears. I ached with anticipation and confusion. It was alarm had obviously roused me from the dark "underworld" where Niccademis was master.

I began to write down all the details that I could remember. It all began to form a poem. When that poem reached six pages, I thought it had better turn into a short story, for I had much left to say. Then I began to notice that I had actual "memory" of more than the dream showed me...I was imagining and seemingly "remembering" far more than the dream gave me. So I continued writing and realized this just had to become a book. And that is exactly what I have been doing for twelve years... Writing. Compiling information on time travel, mythology, darkness, medieval fantasy, shape shifters, illusion, piracy, the world of the future, and so much more. I have hopes to create a trilogy, with the first one ready for secondary copyrighting by Spring 1998.

About two years ago I put my dream to work for me. I decided to start Niccademis Enterprises. A decision that I am quite proud of. Hopefully I will bring some of this to the net soon.

For now....see you in the shadows of the night! -Lady Niccademis

~~~ DARKNESS ~~~

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Talk to you soon!